Thursday, July 21, 2011

There really is more than one of us

Hi, this is Heidi.
Roger, the guy who has been documenting our tale so far, is busy with Matt, Shawn and the others.They’re trying to figure out where to go from here.  Good question.
There are 3 problems as far as I can tell.  First, we were lucky to happen upon a “Green” building. The solar panels have been a blessing, but we don’t know how much longer they will continue to work without maintenance and since no one has any experience with solar panels we are reluctant to tinker.
Second problem, we’re in Illinois so getting to a more temperate climate is going to be a journey on the scale of Homer’s “The Odyssey” or Frodo’s trip to Mordor. Life has become all about keeping our wits and being hyper alert.  Oh, yeah – food and water are a constant worry. That is a whole other issue. Let’s just say the zombie apocalypse thing never came up as a weight loss program before now. What with all the running around and lack of quality food, I will be the me I’ve always wanted to be in no time at all.
So, now for problem three.  This whole needing to move on has been all about continuing to survive. No Eagle Scouts in this group – we need power to run appliances. No one wants to deal with -30 below zero winters and high heat/humidity. That’s the reality. Are Zombies immune to temperature extremes? (it would be interesting to stick around here one winter and see what happens. Would they freeze up like popsicles? Would a few good whacks with an axe shatter them
like a plate glass window? Oh, well. . .) What about high or low altitudes? I guess we’re going to have to dig deep and start putting our limited science/biology knowledge to work. I see white lab coats in our future. . . .

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