Tuesday, April 3, 2018

What's the Point?

It's been a long time, I know. So much has changed. I'm alone now. Have been for almost 2 months. My friends...I like to think that some are alive, but I just don't know. In the end, we fell to the same things that have traditionally brought down civilized society--religious fervor and rampant stupidity. It was the Cult of the Seventh Seal. I'd heard rumors about them in a few of the towns I passed through--they were like born-again Christians who just snapped when the zombies came. They were convinced that this was the end as foretold in the good book (who's to say they're wrong?). They felt that people who had the audacity to try to survive in the face of God's cleansing army of undead needed to be punished, that only the chosen were meant to survive. Apparently we weren't the chosen.

They were well armed, but they never actually hurt anybody, not themselves. They smashed our fences and lookout posts and led an army of zombies into the farm, ten stood back and watched the carnage. They had snuck in and disabled our vehicles, too. At first it was no big deal. We took out dozens, maybe hundreds, but there are limits to ammunition...And we get tired--they don't. Guns ran out, people started abandoning their posts or just getting overrun. It was a chain reaction then. We kept trying to retreat, reinforce, keep some semblance of order, but in the end it was just one big free-for-all. We got cut off from each other and we ran. The cult members tried to herd us toward the zombies, but they seemed afraid of killing us themselves...Once we realized that, we just rushed them, and of course the zombies followed. They seemed almost like they weren't interested in the cult members though--it was weird. Occasionally one would attack, but for the most part they just passed right by them and came after us.

I'm pretty sure Heidi survived at least that night. Matt and Shawn...I don't know. I saw Andy running clear--I'm betting he made it. Who knows about anybody else? I ran as far and as fast as I could. I've been running ever since. I finally made it back to this cache where I had another computer, along with some guns, ammo and food, of course. I'm back on the Illinois side. I may head back to where we started, see if anyone else thinks the same way. I wonder how far this cult reaches?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Still Alive

Hello again. I'm back. Well, actually, I never left, my battery just died and I never really felt inspired to recharge it until now. We've been doing fine. The additions to the farmhouse are done, the fortifications are in and we've even had them tested once. A few weeks ago, we were hit by a wave of zombies. We don't know if this zombie herd or zombie hoard or whatever was coming from Chicago, Milwaukee, or just the outlying suburbs, but there were over a hundred of them and they all hit en masse, just like they did back in Illinois. I must say, these farm boys (and girls) can take care of business. It didn't matter if they were using rifles, shotguns or bow and arrows--it was pretty much one shot, one kill.

One of the guys, a teenager, was telling me that today was a historic day. He said on May 28th, 2012, the first documented zombie attack took place. Apparently a zombie down in Florida or Alabama or something took down this homeless guy and started eating his face. It took like 5 shots for the cops to take the thing down. I never heard anything about it--I thought the first case wasn't until late in 2013. The guy seemed pretty sure, though. He said there was the one case, then nothing for a almost a year (the government hushed everything up, he said), then the news started leaking in spring of 2013, but everybody wrote it off as pranks or something. Then, of course in the winter of 2013, we all know what happened. So, just in case the dates on these blogs are right and they really are going to somebody in 2012, watch the news, particularly in the southern U.S.--you'll start seeing clues to the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

As for me, I'm hoping to see the end of the zombie apocalypse. These things have to rot away eventually. We've got a good setup here and we're pretty well protected. I'm going to work on getting the materials to rig this place for solar soon, and then maybe put together a party to look for survivors again. All in all, life is good again, or at least as good as it can be, under the circumstances.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

R.I.P. Mothball

Mothball turned last night. The doctor warned us it might happen soon, so we had him isolated, so at least nobody else got hurt. I put him down myelf...It only seemed right, since I'm the one who let it happen. I should have amputated his arm when he was bitten. He was begging us not to do it, but I knew what was going to happen. I should have been stronger. Now he's dead.

For the better part of a year I've been more or less leading the core group by default,at least before the split. Now, with all the splits and additions to this group, we're not really sure who's in charge these days. I just know I don't want it to be me anymore, at least not now. It seems like every decision I've made for the last six months has been wrong and too many people have paid for it.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Back On The Farm

We arrived yesterday morning. It is such a relief to know we have a place to call home for a while. They were all so glad to see us. We all felt really terrible about having to give them the news about Jeremy, Dan and Eric being lost to the zombies. They are planning on having a memorial service in the next week or so. They were so thrilled to meet Dr. Mike since one of the women is expecting a baby.

They gave us a tour of the farm - they had been busy while we were gone. Since we had added more people to their group last time they figured it was time to add more living space. The shed we had parked the RV's in last time they turned into living quarters. There are 4 bedrooms in the upstairs, a bathroom space (not finished yet) and common room downstairs. They are also adding on a huge common room to the main house that will be used for us all to gather as a group for meals and entertainment. They have also had meetings with the other 2 farms in the co-op and have divided up the spring planting work - I guess we are just in time to help pull rocks from the fields. Some of us will be going out soon to collect gas, since the tractors will be running non-stop for the next several months they want to have a good supply on hand.

They were impressed with all the medical supplies Dr. Mike brought so they are now planning on setting him up with his own space so he can continue his work. Apparently one of the other farms has a building they aren't really using so the plan is to turn it into an office, exam room, lab and living space for him. He is very excited to get started on that.

While we were gone they had a few zombie visitors. They were discovered during perimeter rounds and were quickly taken care of. Since then they have been building stronger fencing and doing more patrols. So there is going to be plenty of things to do to help out. I saw Roger and Matt checking out the horses - I can't wait to watch them learn how to ride!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Zombie Health Care

I used to play a lot of RPGs (role playing games) in my younger days, and I remember it was always a bonus to find a doctor. It was usually a non-player character who we found somewhere and suddenly when he joins the band all of our hit points go up and we get repaired instantly when injured in combat and all that good stuff.

Well, none of that has happened, but we still all feel a little better having Michael (Dr. Mike, as I call him) around. Shawn's knee hasn't really improved but at least now he seems to have hope, as Dr. Mike has confirmed that there's a good possibility that it's just a partially torn ligament and he may get mobility back without surgery. I just wish he could do something for Mothball. He seems to be getting worse. Dr. Mike gave him some antibiotics and he seems to have a theory about treatment for zombie bites, but so far, no luck. As for me, I still feel old and tired and sore, but there's not much a doctor can do about that--I've pretty much felt that way since I turned 38 (before the zombie apocalypse even started).

We made a few unscheduled stops to check out some towns for survivors (no luck, but not many zombies, either), but we should be at the farm sometime tomorrow. I haven't been to a farm in decades--not since my brother used to have a farm out in Iowa. This should be fun.