Thursday, March 29, 2012

Zombie Health Care

I used to play a lot of RPGs (role playing games) in my younger days, and I remember it was always a bonus to find a doctor. It was usually a non-player character who we found somewhere and suddenly when he joins the band all of our hit points go up and we get repaired instantly when injured in combat and all that good stuff.

Well, none of that has happened, but we still all feel a little better having Michael (Dr. Mike, as I call him) around. Shawn's knee hasn't really improved but at least now he seems to have hope, as Dr. Mike has confirmed that there's a good possibility that it's just a partially torn ligament and he may get mobility back without surgery. I just wish he could do something for Mothball. He seems to be getting worse. Dr. Mike gave him some antibiotics and he seems to have a theory about treatment for zombie bites, but so far, no luck. As for me, I still feel old and tired and sore, but there's not much a doctor can do about that--I've pretty much felt that way since I turned 38 (before the zombie apocalypse even started).

We made a few unscheduled stops to check out some towns for survivors (no luck, but not many zombies, either), but we should be at the farm sometime tomorrow. I haven't been to a farm in decades--not since my brother used to have a farm out in Iowa. This should be fun.

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