Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What Was Lost . . .

Well, we found our people, finally. We lost their tire tracks at one point so we wasted a lot of time trying to pick them up again. We eventually found them holed up in an Aldi store. We could see the vehicles parked outside and about 30 watcher zombies. One vehicle came in from the west and the other one from the east so we didn't blow out the windows of the store. Once we started moving in the zombies started coming at us which cleared the front of the store. Luckily Corey and Greg saw what was happening from inside the store, came out and started firing. We made pretty quick work of taking care of that problem.

Once we got everything brought into the store it got a bit tense. Greg and Corey had been with Roger, Matt and I since day one so they knew we were pissed about them leaving the compound. So they started telling us about what happened. A few days after we had left to go to Hoffman Estates someone left a space heater on and unattended. Annie and Larry were busy organizing some of the left over supplies, one of the cots fell over and knocked the space heater over which started a fire. As they ran to find something to put it out the fire spread to where the extra propane was stored and that is why half the building was missing when we got back. So there was pandemonium and while Greg, Corey, Nate and Mothball were trying to put out the fire the rest got into vehicles and took off. Now we come from bad to worse - the idiots drove through the fencing once again leaving a huge opening in the perimeter. So while the guys were working on the fire zombies were starting to come into the building. Once they realized they couldn't get a handle on the fire they decided to pull back and get the rest to help. As they were going through the building they found Shawn alone stumbling around saying "they left me the bastards left me." That's when they saw zombies in the building, so they grabbed Shawn and got to the garage. There was one vehicle left and as they made their way to it they saw several zombies just outside the door feasting on Jim and Randy. That was when Nate and Corey dropped Shawn, when Shawn fell on his bad knee he let out a scream which caused the zombies to look their way. So as they struggled to get Shawn in the truck Greg jumped in the back and started firing. They had a little problem getting the truck to start - it took 4 tries so by that time they were surrounded. Corey just stepped on the gas and drove over 6 of them getting out of the garage and that's when they saw the hole in the fence. So they followed the tire tracks the others had left and eventually found them at Aldi's.

Shawn is in a really bad way. As for the rest - with the exception of Greg, Corey, Nate and Mothball - Matt wants to bring back firing squads.

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