Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Zombie Apocalypse is a bad place to be handicapped

I had a heart to heart talk with Shawn today. The thing that's been on our minds for weeks now that we both didn't want to talk about is that his injury is slowing him down to the point that now one or two other people are tied up assisting him every time we move. Shawn is really worried that he's going to get somebody else, maybe even all of us, killed. He stopped just short of asking us to leave him behind. I share his concern, but what's the point in surviving if we lose our humanity in the process? I've known him for years, before this zombie apocalypse even started. Hell will freeze and pigs will fly before I leave him behind. I'm sure Heidi and Matt feel the same way. If the new people have a problem with it, they can go off on their own.

Shawn said he was starting to move better with the brace before they dropped him during the last fiasco. I'm no doctor, but I believe if his knee ligaments were completely torn, he wouldn't start to feel better. I'm guessing he had a partial tear and it was starting to get better. Let's hope I'm right and that this latest setback didn't tear it the rest of the way. He still remembers the exercises he did in physical therapy after his surgery, and he's going to try to do them as well as he can. Hopefully he'll get some mobility back, even if he has to wear the brace. Once we get to the farm, it will be easier--we won't be running for our lives all the time. The farm. I can't wait to see Shawn and Matt at the farm. I think they both grew up in Evanston--Arlington Heights looked like farmland to them.

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