Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blasting our way out of Aldi's

An Aldi supermarket is not really the type of place you would expect to see a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested gun battle, but I've found that very little in this zombie apocalypse has gone the way it did in the movies, so why should I be surprised? The strategy was pretty simple--open one door, let the zombies trickle in and pick them off one or two at a time as they come through the door, preferably with reusable weapons like crossbows. Then a group of us would burst out through the main doors in a wedge formation and blast our way through whatever was left to get to the vehicles and go. It almost worked.

Apparently the crossbows Heidi and the farm boys picked up were not exactly competition grade--two of them had their strings break in the heat of battle (Heidi's lucky she didn't lose an eye). Corey was backing them up with the shotgun and he managed to get one shot off before the gun jammed (Matt is going to inspect the weapon--if it turns out that Corey didn't clean it properly, it's going to be his ass). Our "wedge" had to break formation and go support the door, where we now had about a half a dozen zombies wandering in with no resistance.

A swear the zombies are getting smarter. While we were dealing with the side door, they put more pressure on the main doors (we had removed the barricades in preparation for our "burst out". The doors gave way then it was a free for all. We probably dropped at least 50 zombies total.

We didn't lose anybody, but Mothball did get bitten on the arm. I know we should have amputated it, but that's a lot easier to do in theory than in practice. How do you cut a healthy man's arm off because he has a little bite on the arm. He wasn't exactly in favor of it either. I suppose we could have held him down, but it just seemed barbaric. I know, it would have been easier to chop an arm off than to put a bullet in his head when if he turns, but maybe we'll get lucky. We'll keep a watch on him and hope we can find some good antibiotics when we get to the clinic.

Anyway, we're on the road and making good time. There's not much snow, so we're able to keep a pretty steady rate. I hope we can get to that clinic soon.

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