Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weapons, Ammo And More

Yesterday we picked up the supplies we hid at Gander Mountain. Amazingly the building had not been broken into since we left so we were able to make pretty quick work of getting everything loaded up. Both RV's are really full so we are on the lookout for another van.

Today we went to the clinic that we had driven by the first time we headed north. The place was locked up really tight. As we worked our way around the building we noticed all the windows had been covered and the entrance doorway was barricaded, so we figured there must be people inside. We started knocking and calling out "Hello." It took about 20 minutes before someone finally answered the door. He was probably checking us out good before he decided we were okay. We made quick introductions and asked him for help in getting some medical supplies. As we went into explaining Shawn's knee injury he told us he was a doctor and he would be happy to check him out. Finding a doctor is huge! His name is Michael and once the news started reporting about the zombies he packed up supplies and moved himself into the clinic and he's been here ever since. He figured once the worst of it was over he would be in demand. The guy has apparently kept himself very busy doing research and experiments. He checked Shawn out and worked on his knee the best he could without an MRI.

We told him we were on our way back to the farm and he asked if he could come with us and we were like "Hell yes!" So tomorrow some of us are going to pick up another RV and hopefully a van and load it up with medical supplies. This is so unbelievably great - finally after all this time a real doctor!

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