Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Okay, Heidi's Break is Over

The last couple weeks have been crazy. I've been learning how to get into the blog account, organizing the first aid supplies (more later) and making a list of what to look for once we get moving. I have found that if I don't make a list we get overwhelmed when in a store and start grabbing things we don't need. Seriously, stuffed animals? (Hey, it's free!)

Now the Geoff and Cynthia incident has caused some panic and distrust because we are now aware of how easy it is to take stuff and run. So we got a plan - I've been helping Shawn secure the food and Matt secure the weapons, I figure the more I handle the weapons the more confident I will be using them. We have a few closet type spaces that we've moved everything into and Roger, Shawn, Matt and I will be taking turns sleeping in front of the doors. We just don't trust anyone else right now and we can't afford anymore loss of property due to defections. Although I will say the Geoff and Cynthia exit was a wake-up call for some of our misguided citizens.

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