Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Sound of Silence

Living in rural Wisconsin the evenings were fairly quiet. Sure there was the occasional dog barking, crickets, owls, chickens, cows and the neighbor coming back from bowling league - the usual evening farm sounds. When I was 15 the family moved to Janesville to be closer to Dad's job. We lived about half a mile from I-90, it took a long time to get used to the constant hum of traffic. When I lived in Chicago I was 2 blocks away from a hospital - that was definitely worse.

When the zombie attacks first started happening the noise was horrendous. Car crashes, weapons being fired, sirens, screaming, horns honking, gas explosions. It was what I imagined being in the middle of a war was like. But now it has become silent. No traffic noises, no sounds of humans or animals, no white noise like the hum of electric lines, just silence. It's been months since we've heard a vehicle. We've become acutely aware of how loud our voices are, so now we whisper and use hand signals when outside so as not to draw attention to ourselves. Every day that passes makes me feel more isolated. I really hope we move on soon.

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