Monday, October 24, 2011

Zombie Currency

It's interesting to see how our little society has been resolving day to day issues. One of the big ones that we never really thought about was compensation. Obviously, money is useless, so we needed a new value system. We pretty much had a share and share alike mentality here when we were smaller, but as the group has grown we got into a lot more "How come she gets two bags of chips" and "He uses too much water to wash up." Well, we've worked out a ration system for the food and water and bullets and all, but there was still a need for barter, with people trading what they don't want for what they do. This led to the interesting development of a universal currency--labor. Everything here can bought by taking someone's patrol time or foraging time or latrine-digging time. It's funny because it's not like we've got great options of how to use our free time, but we still value our free time. I guess the natural human state is laziness and we always trend towards that., even in a zombie apocalypse.

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