Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tech Support

Our computer guy tells me that these blogs are actually going somewhere, so I guess I'll keep posting them. There's apparently a satellite somewhere that doesn't know that the world is dead, so it keeps pumping out internet, or whatever the heck it does. This netbook thing apparently has a direct link to the satellite, so we're good until the satellite crashes or the zombies come and eat my brain. Or the battery goes dead. We've got solar here, so I can keep recharging as long as the battery keeps taking the charge.

I'm not sure what the odds are that somebody else out there finds the same satellite and is able to read and respond to this, but if you do, feel free to drop us a line. My cohorts are telling me I should include some survival tips in this thing, but my feeling is that if you're alive to read it, you've got a survival system that works for you.

I'm going to stop now so my computer guy can play with this for awhile--he's trying to figure out why the dates keep showing up as 2011. I miss 2011.  2011 was good.

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