Sunday, November 27, 2011


Sorry to hear about John. If we'd still been in the compound, we could have locked him up and found some antibiotics--I heard a lot of people didn't turn when they got treated right away. It's hard when you're running for your life. I know how John felt about it...He probably would have made this choice anyway rather than take the chance.

We lost Justin in the compound. He and Corey were the fastest, so we sent them to get the blazer and bring it back to the garage while I covered them from the roof and Shawn worked the door. There were so many zombies! Even more than when you left. Corey made it, Justin didn't. I made sure he didn't suffer. It's strange, I should feel sick about being the one to put him down, but I don't--I guess I knew what the alternative was. I guess maybe I'm getting numb to all this.

I'm going to keep this short, since we don't have a way to charge this battery until we find a generator. We're moving west. I think we're in Carpentersville or Elgin or something now. Our best guess is that the zombies we saw were from Chicago, moving out to look for more food like a plague of locusts. That leads me to think that Chicago is dead. Completely. If you keep moving north, maybe the herd will have thinned out enough for you to handle them by the time they get there. Don't get comfortable! What we saw is probably coming your way, too!

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