Saturday, November 19, 2011

Roger, are you there?

I'm still a bit hazy on some of the details, but I do remember a truck smashing through our perimeter fence and zombies swarming in. Matt and I started running to the hallway with the intention of securing the perimeter. We heard gunshots and saw the hallway door bursting open. George and Kyle (from the truck) were clawing their way in along with a huge number of zombies. We just started shooting at everything that moved. I know you, Shawn and Corey joined us at some point. As bodies went down we kept shooting at the heads that were appearing over the top of the pile. We ended up with a wall of dead zombies, no more coming in and no one going out. I heard someone shout "Get everybody to the vehicles!" We all ran to the garage and started loading the truck and van. I got in to drive the truck, Sarah and Danny were in the passenger side, Matt and Paul got in the back and the rest got in the van. As you and Shawn opened the garage door I jumped on the accelerator and got the hell out of there. When I looked back you and Shawn were closing the door, I choked back a scream because I didn't want Danny to get anymore freaked out than what he was already, but please know there was no way any of us wanted to leave you both behind. Matt and Paul fired away as I sped the truck through a sea of zombies. Greg was driving the van and managed to stay with me, although I don't know how he managed it, the truck was bouncing all over the place as we drove over bodies. The front end of the truck was tossing zombies around everywhere, the windshield was getting covered in zombie slime. Once we got half a mile out the zombie horde started to thin out and I just kept driving until we didn't see anymore for several miles. We stopped, did a head count and realized that Corey and Justin weren't with us, please tell me they are with you and Shawn. Once we checked for injuries and cleaned up the windows we got back in the vehicles and proceeded on. There are 12 of us. We have a few issues we need to deal with soon, but we are holed up in a safe place for now.

We are all anxiously waiting to hear from you.

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