Monday, November 28, 2011

Temporary Shelter

Hi again, Heidi, Matt, and all others who may be reading. I was able to jury-rig a car charger for my netbook thing, so I can write again. I imagine you're going to be in the same boat soon, so I'll send you a picture later if we ever find another download cable for the camera, but basically I just spliced the cable of a car charger for somecrappy coffee warmer or something with an adapter that fit the netbook. Of course, it would be easier to just pick up a generator or a power inverter if you've got the time. If you're still in Waukegan, there's a Radio Shack on Lewis between Glen Flora and Sunset--depending on how picked-over it is, they may have the power inverter or the stuff you need to splice a car charger.

We've moved a bit north. We're at this indoor baseball practice facility, I think in Carpentersville or Algonquin or something. I went to the place a few times before the zombie apocalypse--it was always quiet then, so I figured it still would be. I was right. It's an industrial building in an industrial park. Not many windows, but there's nothing but open fields around us for quite a distance, so we can see the zombie wave coming if it makes it this far. We're going to forage the other buildings for whatever we can get in the morning. We may stay here for awhile.

I may be crazy (Shawn says I am, anyway), but I want to go back to the compound. Not right away, but eventually. If it hadn't been for those idiots crashing the gate, the compound might have held up. We can fix that fence, burn the bodies and hole up there for the winter, hopefully with most of our supplies intact (we didn't fit much in the blazer with us). I'm hoping the stumblers can sense that it's empty now and have just moved on. If not, we'll have a zombie horde waiting for us when (and if) we return. I figure the wave of zombies is like an expanding circle--it will get thinner as it expands, so by the time it gets to us we should be able to break through pretty easily and go back "home."

Hope all is well with you folks up north. Keep in touch!

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