Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Apparently people don't eat in Carpentersville

We're having some food issues. We apparently didn't take enough with us when we made our hasty retreat from the wave of zombies, and this area is empty. Even the vending machines are empty. It's not just empty of food, there's absolutely nothing of any use to anyone around here. The whole industrial complex--I don't know what the hell they used to make here, but they didn't even leave any raw materials that we could use for anything.

We're rationing as well as we can, but we're going to have to make a move. We didn't pack those lovely fishing poles I took such great care to rescue from Cabelas this summer, so we can't even go try our luck in the Fox River (although it's probably iced over anyway--it's been freaking freezing the last few nights).  I know down the road there used to be a Menards, a Woodmans, a Walgreens and some restaurants, but there's probably also pretty good zombie population. Probably better to face them now before the food runs completely out and we're weak from hunger.

We need to find a big score--somewhere that we can load up so that we can dig in for the winter. If the zombies aren't too thick down the road, I would love to find one of those houses in the woods around there and hole up. Hopefully the Menards has some propane heaters and gas generators left and the Woodman's has some food. If not, I don't know what to do. Maybe we head back to the old compound and blast our way back in--live comfortably or die horribly.

I wonder if this cold is slowing the zombies down at all. It was cold when the zombie apocalypse started, but they were "fresh" zombies and more mobile. Maybe now their tired old raggedy asses will freeze solid. Sorry, nothing pisses me off like hunger.

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