Saturday, December 10, 2011

We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place

We made it to the stores and found enough scraps to keep us alive for another week. We also wasted about half of our ammo killing the zombies between us and those scraps. I don't know if those were original Carpentersville zombies or if they were part of the "Chicago wave." Anyway, they're dead (again), but we're tired and this place stinks and we feel really exposed here. The only problem is that we don't think we have enough ammo to retake the compound and we don't want to risk going into more uncharted territory. We've talked it out and decided we're going back to Hoffman Estates, to hit Cabelas. We're probably going to hit the wave on the way, but hopefully we can just bust through it quickly and keep running, like we did on the way out. We're leaving tomorrow morning. I wanted to go tonight, but we're just not up to another fight. The next time you hear from us, hopefully we'll be re-armed and ready to kick some zombie ass.

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