Monday, December 12, 2011

Re-armed for the zombie apocalypse

We made it back to Cabelas, but the zombies are still thick out here. I don't know if we hit the Chicago wave of zombies or what, but it was almost as bad as right after the whole thing started. We fought for every mile to get to that store. Then we got there and found out that somebody else had looted it. We didn't even go in--we could see it was wasted from outside. No sense fighting the zombie horde for scraps. Instead, we went to the secret cache I made the last time we were there. We've got more ammo and food and are generally feeling better about ourselves. Matt, I took about 1/3 of what we left there, so if you ever need it, there should still be more for you guys.

Heidi, I hope you're feeling better. Now you know how I felt back when I caught the cold in June. Just rest up--those guys have got your back. For the second time, I wish you'd taken those antibiotics we had back at the compound with you. Just keep resting and drinking fluids.

We're heading back home to the compound in the morning. We're killing zombies wherever we go; it may as well be on our home turf.

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