Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Place for the Winter

We finally found survivors - I should say they found us. We were on Hwy 43 heading towards I-90, the going was very slow as it had been snowing on and off for a few days. As we were getting ready to stop for the night we saw a vehicle coming our way so we had a quick meeting and it was decided that Matt and I would continue and the rest would stay put until it was safe.
As we got closer we saw a man and a woman in the vehicle, they stopped, we stopped and got out to say "Hi". Dale and Rhonda leapt out of their vehicle and started hugging us and asking if we were okay and how many people were in our group and twenty other questions coming at us so fast neither one of us could talk. We gave them a very fast introduction to our group as the snow was coming down real heavy at this point. They had us follow them. We got off on a side road and drove for about 8 miles, then turned off on another road and drove a few more miles until we came to the driveway of a farm. It was truly amazing, as we pulled up people started coming out of the house, barn and a few other buildings that were on the property, they were all really excited to see us. They had us pull our vehicles into the pole barn so they would be protected from the snow storm and got us all into the house.

Roger, I will give more details later. We have been kept really busy helping with "chores" and getting to know everyone. We all wish you were with us - this place is incredible!

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