Monday, January 30, 2012

On The Farm

Hey, Roger - I feel guilt about how good our situation is considering what you've been through. Dale and Rhonda have been great hosts. There are 30 people here (not including us) and they worked their asses off this last year raising animals, gardens and fruit. We have been eating like kings.

The main house is huge as D & R have 6 children (all grown up now). Once the news started about people turning into the walking dead they immediately started stocking up. Dale was always a fan of the zombie movies and books so he jumped right in with both feet. He contacted the 2 farms in the area and they made a plan. They gathered any friends and relatives they could and went shopping. Between the 3 farms they had pigs, cows, chickens, gardens, fruit trees and 2000 acres. Rhonda said the 3 farms are housing at least 100 people. Because they are so remote they haven't had much zombie activity. The problem was early on when they were making trips out to gather supplies and zombies would follow them back, so they ended up loosing a few people until they got wise to what they were dealing with.

They have been keeping us busy learning how to use a wood burning stove (I made a loaf of bread yesterday!), churning butter, making cheese and preserving meat. They turned their basement into a cold storage area for when warmer weather comes.

Since room in the house is kind of tight Sarah, her son Danny, Karen and I are sleeping in one of the RV's that we stored in one of the pole barns and Matt, Jacob and Greg are sleeping in the other RV, the rest are staying in the house.

It's been good sharing our experiences with other people. We all have dinner together as a group and after dinner we take turns sharing our stories. It's all been quite a learning experience.

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