Sunday, February 5, 2012

Homing Zombies

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse. We were about halfway through our cleanup and repair activities when another wave of zombies showed up. They came from the southwest and the prevailing opinion is that they were the same ones that were harassing our new friends in Hoffman Estates. It appears that they followed us. How the hell they tracked us across 10 miles and through two blizzards is beyond me, but we're pretty sure they're the same. Shawn even did his naming trick, where he names the zombies after celebrities that they look like, kind of like from one those zombie movies. Well, he saw one in Hoffman Estate who looked like Alec Baldwin. He's leading the pack here.

We had barely patched the fences and hadn't reinforced them at all when the zombie horde showed up. The broke through pretty easily--we didn't even have time to get the trucks into the garage. Luckily, we didn't lose anybody, but we're pinned down pretty good. They're right up against the outer walls, and we're sure our patch job is going to cave in on the wall that was breached before. We've put a sentry on that hall, but to be honest, when the sentry isn't me, Shawn or Corey, I have no confidence. We've braced it with everything we can, but building supplies are limited--we can't even make it to the outbuildings, much less the hardware store. It's not a ton of zombies, maybe 100 or 150, but they're too close to get a good angle to pick most of them off and we don't have unlimited ammo here. I'm almost hoping they break through so we can start capping them. More cleanup on aisle three.

I wish the news was better, but really, what do you expect in a zombie apocalypse? I'm glad you've found a home up north and I hope everything stays secure up there. We've got food and heat, so we're not in a terrible hurry to resolve this thing, but waiting definitely does not seem to help a zombie problem--we get weaker while they get stronger. We'll have to do something soon--I'm just not sure what as of yet. As I heard in some bad movie a long time ago, "We're going to get bloody on this one."

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