Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V-Day Massacre

In theory the whole blocking the hole in the fence with the RV was good, unfortunately the RV got stuck in the snow 8 feet from the hole. To make matters worse we weren't able to come in as quickly as we should have because of the snow so they were starting to surround us before the tires stopped spinning. I was in the RV with 6 other people, some from the farm and a couple from the Gander Mountain store - they all rushed out firing, but they got swallowed up by the zombie horde. Luckily the 4 other trucks saw what was happening and they started driving by the other side of the RV. I blew out a window and started throwing all the guns and ammo I could out to the trucks going by, then I grabbed the laptop got myself on the edge of the window and when Matt drove by I jumped into the back of the truck.

We saw you and Shawn shooting from the top of the building trying to help us but we totally lost it and took off to regroup. We took off in the opposite direction from were we came in because we left the other RV about a mile down the road with 3 people in it - it's loaded with all the food, extra clothing and gear we brought for you.

So anyway, we got away from your mob of zombies and ended up driving into another group that was about a mile away. Everywhere we turned we were screwed. With 2 of us in the back of each of the 4 trucks we just started firing away. It unfortunately wasn't too effective because of the speed we had to go so we didn't get stuck. We ended up bouncing around a lot so most of the bullets went straight up in the air.

We are looking for a place to spend the night. I lost the radio so you will have to let me know what to do via the blog. Matt is really pissed right now and if it weren't for the darkness he'd be out there on foot blasting away. For the others that haven't had a zombie experience like this before it's, well, let's just say they aren't talking like it's deer hunting season anymore.

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