Monday, February 20, 2012

Everything I Thought I Knew About Zombies Was Wrong

Well, this has been a humbling few days. I thought having survived technically over a year of the zombie apocalypse, I was now an expert on zombies. Wrong! I thought they would just stand around outside and not try to push their way into a building. Wrong! I thought they would not be able to break through even a makeshift wall. Wrong! I thought they would freeze up and not be a threat in the winter. Wrong! I thought they couldn't move through snow. Wrong! Most importantly, I thought being out in the open was the best way to fight zombies. Wrong! Nice tight corridors are our friend. Zombies are travelling in packs now--we never see just one. In a tight corridor, you shoot two or three zombies and you've created a blockade to stop the other 10 or 12.

I've got to rethink our whole defensive strategy. Maybe when the spring thaw comes we need to find a new place, or maybe start digging tunnels and fortifying this one. We spent too much time surviving this summer and not enough time preparing. I never even met those people who died the other day, but their faces are haunting me (or at least how I picture their faces). They died because we weren't prepared, and that's on me. That can't happen again. I'm glad Heidi and Matt are back and I'm happy to meet our new friends and have real food and all that, but now I know it can all go away instantly. We could wake up with a thousand zombies at our door. We need to get the rest of that ammo from Hoffman Estates. We need better defenses. We need an early warning system.

Don't know if this was from a zombie or one of the six we lost. It creeps me out because the tracks keep on going out of the compound. Whoever or whatever it is must still be out there somewhere.

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