Friday, February 17, 2012

A Little Help For Our Friends

So yesterday morning we arrived on time, we had allowed for having to get rid of the zombies that had surrounded us. We stayed in a motel and knew they had been gathering during the night. We crawled out the bathroom windows in the back of the rooms and ran around to the front from either side, one group stayed low against the wall and the other group ran out further into the parking lot - then we started firing. It went well so we all felt good about going back to Roger and the others.

As we got close to the building we could hear gunfire so we knew they had a start on getting rid of the menace. Matt had some Slayer CD's, so we came in making a lot of noise (plus it got us all in the proper frame of mind for what was about to happen.) We drove close to the fence and just kept making passes as fast as we could so we wouldn't get stuck again. Once we got about half a block away we parked the trucks and got out. We had spread out into a half circle figuring that as the zombies came towards us they would naturally group into the center - those that didn't would get picked off by the group on the roof of the building. It was overcast, which was good, but it started snowing. The really cool thing was that with no communication we all instinctively knew to just stay focused and get the job done - it was this amazing calm that came over me, later on the others mentioned the same thing. As the zombies started thinning out in front of us we were able to send a group to the front of the building to help with the ones that were getting pushed out by the gunfire from inside. At around 10 am we saw the white flag waving from the roof, we finished off the few remaining zombies that were staggering around the front of the building and waved our white flag.

As much as we wanted to just stop for a while and enjoy the victory we still had a lot of work to do - mainly fixing the fence. So while Greg took a group to go get the other RV that was parked down the road another group of us took care of the RV that was stuck in the snow. Once we got the vehicles in the garage we started dragging the dead zombies outside of the fenced in area. We were only partially finished when Greg and the others showed up with the RV. They all jumped out and helped us get the rest out. We pulled Greg's vehicle and the RV inside and started unloading the supplies from the RV. As we moved all the food, cots, sleeping bags, cooking gear and weapons into the building another group started working on fixing the fence with the fencing we brought. With all the noise we created we knew it wouldn't be long before more zombies started showing up.

By 3 pm we were in good shape, so we were able to take stock of injuries. Shawn was still the worst off from blowing out his knee the day before so we got him on a cot, elevated is leg, packed it in ice and gave him some pain pills. We wrapped up some sprains and took care of what we think is a broken ankle - snow had covered up uneven ground so Neal had taken a bad fall so we got him set-up next to Shawn. Once that was taken care of we started setting up a kitchen and made a really great dinner of chicken, potatoes and corn all fresh from the farm. It was pretty emotional as none of them had seen any decent food for almost a year.

Well the others are starting to wake up now so I will need to get the coffee on. It's still snowing so all the dead zombies look like snow covered hills which definately improves the view outside.

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