Thursday, February 16, 2012

Counting and Thinning the Zombie Herd

Heidi, in case you check this before you get here, we're ready. Nate and I are on the roof and everybody else is down by the doors, front and back. We've been counting outdoor zombies and it looks like we're down to about 70, but I see more outside the fence. We're going to start sniping at about 7:30 to try to clear you a path. Once you're in, we'll try to keep them from closing in behind you. If we get the outside under control, I say we go with my original plan--you park a couple of shooters in front of our collapsed wall and fire into the gap, we open the door and fire down the hall and waste the zombies in the crossfire. When we start doing that, have somebody watch the roof--I'll wave a white flag when I get the word that hall is clear so that you guys don't shoot any of us coming out to greet you. Maybe you could wave something white at us to acknowledge that you saw the signal, assuming you get this in time. I really wish you still had that radio. See you soon!

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