Sunday, February 26, 2012

Out And About

Roger and some of the others left for CVS today and are hoping to be back later tonight. The weather has been really nice and the snow is continuing to melt so Roger figured now would be a good time to get stuff. The plan is, once he gets back, to go back to Hoffman Estates and pick up the ammo that was hidden there.

The rest of us have been busy - we got our hands on a backhoe and one of the guys actually knew how to work the darn thing! We have been burying the zombies, we had to do something, the smell is horrendous. Something we learned today is that depending on the condition of the person when they turned zombie depends on what kind of corpse we are dealing with. For example - let's say a person is desperately trying to avoid a zombie and they fall down a flight of stairs, they are going to have broken bones and probably some nasty internal damage. Okay, so, the zombie gets them and they turn into a zombie and now they are up and moving around again. Once they get killed, for real this time, their broken body is sort of like moving a water balloon. Also, zombies don't get rigor mortis. It was all really disgusting and taking a shower was number one priority when we got done.

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