Friday, February 24, 2012

More Foraging Runs

Well, apparently my obsession with zombie defenses is driving everyone else here nuts, so I'm going to try to do something proactive and go get more supplies. The first run is going to be to CVS or Walgreens--I want to see if there are any knee braces or anything that might at leat help Shawn to get mobile again, even if he is in pain. If we strike out there, I seem to recall that there's a couple of medical supply shops in the area, on Dundee Road, I believe. Maybe the drug store will have some Yellow Pages so I can confirm that, if we need o go that far. It might not be a bad idea to visit, anyway--I'm sure they've got medical gear we can use. Speaking of that, we've been kind of tossing around the idea of hitting a hospital. We wouldn't have even considered it six months ago because when the zombie apocalypse hit, everybody went to the hospital and the hospitals became the centers of infection. Now that the zombies seem to be on the move, though, 'm wondering if it might be worthwhile to go and see hat kind of medication we could liberate. If other survivors thought like we did, they've been avoiding hospitals like the zombie plague, so the loked med cabinets may still be locked. Something to think about for the future, before all those meds expire.

The other immediate run I have to do though is to get the guns and ammo our sort-of-new friends left behind when they ran for their lives in Hoffman Estates. It sounds like they got most of what we left behind in Cabelas and they only blew through about half of it. I think I'm going to stop at Cabelas again, too. The last time we went, I was looking for guns, ammo and survival gear, which was of course gone, but there might be something else we can use. I've been talking with some of the new crew, the cheeseheads Heidi brought with her (no offense--they're good people), and one of them was talking about loading his own shotgun shells. It brought back memories of my dad (an original Arkansas redneck) loading his own shells. I believe they've got all the materials for self-loading in the store, assuming nobody has thought that far ahead yet. It could give us a virtually unlimited supply of ammo and, if I can get him into it, it will give Shawn something to do while he's incapacitated that makes him feel like he's still helping out.

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