Friday, February 10, 2012


We finally made it to Kenosha. We stopped off at the RV place and picked one up for you then we went to Gander Mountain and loaded up your RV with crossbows, arrows, cots, sleeping bags and a really sweet outdoor camp oven with 2 burner range. The store did have some problems initially - as we broke into the front of the store there was gunfire going on in the back. We went to the back of the store and found 2 girls and 3 guys shooting like crazy at about 40 zombies. We jumped in and helped finish them off. Their story is they have been holed up in that store since day one as they were employees. They were scheduled real early that morning to do inventory and when nobody else showed up they locked themselves in and watched the carnage from the office windows. They did a real good job keeping the store safe and are grateful for a chance to finally move on. (We are going to fill them in on the real mission once we get closer to you.)

Traveling was real slow today as we were struggling through blizzard conditions. It's lucky we are on I-94 since it's 3 lanes wide - we had plenty of room to maneuver around abandoned vehicles.

We are taking turns driving and sleeping so we can keep moving, we are really hoping the weather gives us a break soon.

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