Thursday, February 23, 2012

Warmer Weather

The weather has gotten warmer in the last couple days. The snow is starting to melt. Unfortunately that means the smell of rotting zombie flesh is going to get unbearable if we don't get rid of the bodies soon. Do we bury them, move them to another location or gas and a match? The only thing Roger has on his mind right now is making a trip to where he has the extra ammo hid. The last attack depleted our resources and he really wants to be stocked up.

I have talked to him about everyone coming back to the farm with us and learning other survival skills for awhile, but I'm not sure he's in the right frame of mind. It's all still about trying to stay one step ahead of the zombies. All I know is having that break was really good. It's not like I was going to stay there forever, but I learned a lot of things that can only help me in the future.

Crossbow training is going pretty well. Some people have really got the hang of it and like it better than the guns and some are still more comfortable with the guns. Either way, it's good to have options. Roger is taken with the idea of fishing with it.

Shawn has made attempts at moving around a bit - but the pain is still really bad. I wish there was something we could do for him, but since we don't have any medical staff he's stuck. This has been one of the nightmare scenarios come to life. We are all just trying to keep him from getting too depressed.

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