Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hoffman Estates Again

We are almost ready to take off for HE again. We are taking the 4 wheel drive blazer and the van. Roger, Matt, Harry from the farm, Kenneth and Charlie from the last HE run (since they know where the stuff is hidden) and myself will be going this time. We have the 2-way radios, some power bars, water, 3 guns and a crossbow. We are traveling light so we have room for the stuff we are bringing back - also we wanted to leave the bulk of the firearms and ammo with those staying behind so they can defend themselves.

We have left Grey and Corey in charge as Shawn is still not ready for active duty yet. They have already put together a really great guard rotation so we feel confident they will be able to handle whatever zombie nonsense comes along.

Even though the weather has been good and the snow is melting the roads are still pretty deep in places so the blazer does have a plow on the front. The going will be slow, but we should be back by tomorrow afternoon.

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