Sunday, February 19, 2012

Home Again

It's funny being back in this building where I have spent a year of my life. When we left so abruptly a few months back I felt glad about being rid of the place, but now that I'm back I feel sort of like it's home.

Everything was such a jumble and hectic once we finally got back in the building with Roger, Shawn, Corey and the others we just grabbed all the supplies we brought and dumped them everywhere. We have finally been able to set up sleeping areas with the cots and sleeping bags we brought. We have a kitchen/food area set-up, we built shelving and a really nice work table for putting meals together. Roger was really pleased with everything. Our post-zombie life has been so trying it's been nice to introduce a few comforts.

We have been getting to spend time visiting with the new people - those that joined Roger after we left and those we brought with us. It's been snowing a lot, we've gotten a least a foot so far since we got back in the building, so we have not ventured out at all. The look outs continue on the roof. We have spotted zombies in the area but since we have been quiet the last 2 days they haven't come very close to us. The snow has helped cover our tracks so that's been a plus.

Shawn is still not doing very well with his knee - we really don't know what else we can do other than make him comfortable. I'm hoping that in the next day or two we can wrap it in an ace bandage and get him moving around again. Everyone else seems to be on the mend physically and emotionally.

We want to set-up a target practice area at one end of the building so we can get everybody working on their crossbow skills. As we've discovered the noise of the guns attracks zombies so if we have killing power with something quiet it will definately be to our advantage.

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