Sunday, February 12, 2012

Back In Illinois

We crossed the state line about 2 hours ago. We are coming up on Grand Avenue. I'm in the back of the RV but I can't sleep. Your situation has me very worried. Matt, Greg and I have explained why we are going back to the 5 from Gander Mountain. They were not real happy about going into a full on assault, but there are 18 of us and we have plenty of fire power.

Matt and I have been doing some work on how to approach you. We want to put 12 of us out front and draw the zombies to us while the rest help you fix the fencing with the supplies we brought. Granted we haven't been there in a while and are trying to piece together what is and isn't still secure - so we will do whatever you think is best.

I gotta go now, the lead truck just saw a flashing light up ahead so it seems we may be coming up to some other survivors.

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