Monday, February 13, 2012

As if zombies weren't enough...

You'd think with the world as we know it destroyed by a zombie apocalypse, the last thing you'd have to worry about is carjackers. Anyway, I'm glad you're alright (I assume you all made it through unscathed? You didn't mention any injuries). Glad to hear you're close.

We're still okay. The doors are holding and we've a constant two person watch on each set of doors. Also, after the way the zombies crashed through when I was yelling the other day, I'm starting to wonder if sound might not be a major part of how they hunt. Just in case, our sentries are being very quiet at the doors and it seems to be working--there's just a little scratching and bumping; no pounding like they're really trying to break through. It may be my imagination, but it seems like their activity does increase when we talk or make noise.

Okay, so I imagine you'll be in radio range soon. Here's my thought--you don't want to try to come in here too close to dark. If the fight drags out, we really don't want to be hunting zombies without light. I say you park down the street, maybe a mile or two away and radio us when you're there. If you've got enough juice in the batteries, just leave your radio on all night in case we have an emergency. Then tomorrow at 10 AM, you roll in. Below is a photo of my map--I am neither Picasso nor Patton, so please excuse the crudity of the drawing and the simplicity of the plan.

You drive into the break in the fence and park an RV there to seal it. You won't be able to run down the zombies like I hoped--the snow is too deep and the zombies aren't helping us to shovel. Start shooting or clubbing everything that comes at you. We'll put a sniper on the roof to pick off the ones on the edges (the sniper will be me or Shawn and we will only fire at targets far from you guys) If you are able to secure the outside area, put a couple shooters by the big X outside the building and start firing in through the break at the zombies inside. Meanwhile, we'll open the doors (by the indoor X) and start firing down the hall, creating a nice crossfire that should wipe them out quickly. 

The only thing that will screw this up is if the zombies all come out of the building to attack you. We won't be able to pursue because then we'll be shooting at each other. The best we could do would be to sneak some guys out the back through the garage, assuming the zombies on the backside clear up, and come around to the corner to create an outdoor crossfire. In any case, it will be dangerous. I hope you've still got plenty of ammo--our rough count is 135, and that doesn't include what's in the hall. Can't wait to hear your voice again. Happy hunting!

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  1. This is excellent, much better than my zombie post :) I'm going to keep coming back back to see what happens next...