Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Year

We have been working our way west on Hwy 50. We happened upon an RV dealership and picked up 2 RV's - we have plenty of room now. It's very exciting to have beds, kitchens and bathrooms with us! (we love propane!)
We haven't come across any survivors yet - we have been checking out some of the small towns we've been going through. There are lots of farms through this area so we are going to check these out. I figure if people are going to congregate they will do so on a farm, back to basics and self-sufficiency.
Now that we are on the move we are seeing a lot of destruction - homes and business have been destroyed. We were so secluded before, we only saw what was around us, now we are seeing it all on a larger scale.
Everyone has been a bit cautious around me since we've been on the move again - they keep asking me how I'm feeling and If I want to stop and rest. I understand that they are concerned because of how sick I was, but they keep staring at me like I've grown a second head or something. When I get a chance I'm going to find out what that's all about.
Wishing all of us a better New Year - Happy 2015.

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