Saturday, January 7, 2012

Still Nothing

We have been very slowly making our way across Hwy 50 towards Lake Geneva and we still haven't seen any survivors. I think if we go down side roads our chances would be better, but nobody wants to risk it, for now anyway.

I finally found out why everyone has been so weird around me - they have been waiting for me to turn into a zombie! Sarah finally told me what happened while I was sick with the flu. Apparently I was so bad at one point my heart stopped beating for a short time, they did CPR and got me back. They all freaked out since technically I was dead and now they have all been watching my every move to see if I do anything strange. Sarah said they all agreed that if I made it a month and nothing bad happened to me they would consider me "safe" and everyone would relax. I really don't know how I feel about all this - I guess I see their point, how long do you have to be dead before the zombie thing starts. Does heart stopping count or do you have to be brain dead too? I guess I'm lucky they didn't do away with me completely! I told Sarah that I really appreciated her being honest with me and I would just continue on like I didn't know what was up - I just don't want this getting stranger than what it already is.

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