Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My 49th Year

Hi, it's Heidi and yes, today is my birthday. We have tried to create some pre-zombie normalcy by celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and holidays as best we can. It's helpful having these diversions from the day to day grind of surviving. These events turn into treat day - we make coffee over a fire (camp stove now), break out the Hostess snacks and get buzzed on caffeine and sugar. This one is kind of sad because it's the last one we will have as a group. Despite the challenges of the last 9 months we have become a family of sorts - all be it a dysfunctional one.

Roger, Matt and Shawn presented me with this ammo/utility belt that they created from pieces that were picked up during the Cabela's trip. It holds a 1911 pistol, machete, flashlight and ammo. Since I had my first kill they figured it was time to take the training wheels off. (see, some guys do know what a girl wants.)

It's been a really great day . . .

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