Thursday, September 15, 2011

Power Outage

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile (in case anyone is reading); we had our first "solar incident" a few days ago. One of our solar panels came down in a thunderstorm and ripped out a bunch of wiring. Everybody looked at me because I had been bragging about having studied electrical engineering in college. I tried to explain that when you leave engineering school after the 2nd year, all you've really learned is raw math and science--nothing practical. Nevertheless, when the storm rolled out, I found myself putting on some thick rubber gloves and going up on the roof to try to patch things together. I wish some other facets of the internet had survived the zombie apocalypse, since I'm sure I saw a few articles on how to build and repair solar panels at one time or another online.

There were a few panels that were cracked beyond repair, but I got the rest patched and soldered (yes, I have a soldering iron in my tool box--doesn't everyone?). I was pretty scared when I made that last connection, but I'm still here. I couldn't help but notice Matt standing close by with his hand on his .45--I guess he had thought it through that if I got electrocuted, they would have zombie to deal with in the middle of our compound. Anyway, I'm not sure what effect the cracked panels are having on our total load capacity--it's not like we're running a lot here to begin with. I imagine we might see a problem if we get a few overcast days in a row.

Matt popped two more zombies on his watch last night. I think that's five this week. At least he's hitting them far enough away that they're not attracting more attention to our compound. He said it looked lke one of them might have been getting ready to eat another one that he shot, but he hit it before it had the chance. I wish he had let it go for a minute or two--I'm really curious about that. When we shoot a zombie, does it just become "meat" to other zombies? How do they know not to eat each other before we shoot them? Things to ponder during the zombie apocalypse.

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