Monday, September 19, 2011

Zombies Are Keeping Us Busy

Hey, it's Heidi. We have definitely noticed an increase in zombie activity. Matt and I have been on the roof a lot, he's been giving me shooting lessons. I'm getting pretty good at the accuracy with distance thing. Between the two of us we've taken out 7 today. I am happy to have real shooting experience, but I'm concerned about why we are seeing so many zombies after weeks of quiet. On the other hand, Matt is thrilled to have the chance to take out as many zombies as possible. He's been pretty vocal about moving on and staying in one place this long has been hard on him. It's been good to see him have an outlet for his frustration.

The 'do zombies eat other zombies' question has been answered today. Matt and I were taking shots at a couple zombies - Matt got his, I missed mine. As I was getting ready to take another shot Matt told me to hold on for a bit since Roger wanted to know what would happen if a moving zombie came upon a truly dead zombie. As we watched through our binoculars we saw the zombie go over to the immoblie zombie, stand over it for a few minutes and then move on. I guess he was making sure the other one had truly ceased to be. So it looks like even zombies won't eat rotten meat. Anyway, Matt gave me the go ahead to take him out and I did.

We have broken up the roof watch into 4 - 6 hour shifts, with 4 on a shift. Some of us are doing 12 hour shifts to cover shortages - Matt is doing 18 hour shifts. We are a bit concerned about his state of mind. Roger, Shawn and I are taking turns checking in with him. We figure as long as he is eating, sleeping and talking to us he should be okay.

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