Sunday, September 11, 2011

What Heidi Misses

Every once in a while we get on the topic of what we miss. I know, it's sort of like rubbing salt in a wound, but misery loves company. Of course there are the ones who miss their family, friends, pizza, long walks on the beach - Allan misses his job. He was pulling in upper six figures and divided his "work" between talking on his Blackberry and playing golf, so we ignored him.

What I miss are books. I was a reader. Never went anywhere without a book. So, yeah, I have a book with me, but after re-reading it a hundred times in the last 9 months I've lost interest in it. Janie has a book with her, but it's one of those trashy romances and no matter how desperate I get I won't read it, I have principles.

Shortly after the apocalypse began we noticed fires burning. They were scattered around and rather large. What we discovered when we were on food runs was that people had been emptying bookstores and libraries thinking that the fires would scare the zombies away. Once again, like the flashlight, the fires acted like a zombie dinner bell - this time with hot food.

So as we prepare for our travels looking for survivors I will be looking for books. I'd like to think that Clive Barker, Jim Butcher, Stephen King and Dean Koontz would know how to survive a zombie attack and that they are out there right know kicking zombie ass!

PS It just occured to me what today is . . . I do remember.

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